Monday, March 3, 2014

Completely MIA!

I just realized it's been quite some time since I have actually posted here!   I have some posts started that I never finished from our holidays and Christmas break vacation. Guess I have some catching up to do!

Busy as always with the kids and life.  Looking for a house, lots of family time, mini vacations, busy with my business etc. The twins are busy little things and Austin has been busy with school and doing very well academically.

Austin has been doing awesome in school and so far has gotten a 100% on all his spelling tests this year. He is reading at a 2nd-3rd grade level and books!  He is loving school and his social life. He loves making new friends!  He took a break from sports for the winter but has been involved in Awanas at church and even bumped up to the 2nd grade class at the beginning of the year. He is also trying out Flag Football for the first time this spring.  So proud of this boy and all his hard work! He is one special little man that is for sure. Hard to believe he will be 7 years old in June!

Such a little ham! He is always trying to do something to make us all laugh.  And he is a really good great big brother.  There have been a couple mornings that he has had breakfast ready and cartoons on for all 3 of them before I have gotten up (this has been on extremely early mornings) because he wanted to let me sleep.  He has a kind heart and truly cares about doing nice things for others.

Dalton is one big growing boy, just 10 lbs smaller then his brother who is 4 years older and 10 lbs more then his twin sister lol! This boy is going to eat me out of house and home!  

He is starting to talk more clear and not in his gibberish language. He's such a sweet and caring boy and super sensitive. But at the same time he can be a bugger and beat up on his big brother and wrestle his sister. I can't wait to get him into sports! 

He is starting to open up more on the social side and not be quite as shy. He is ALL boy and loves his Disney CARS cars and anything truck or train related. He could sit at the table and play for hours with them.   He's mechanical and likes to see how things work and likes to take things apart. He is very independent and can have the attitude of his way or no way.  I have no idea where he gets his stubbornness from (insert sarcasm).

He is also so very sweet to his sister (for the most part). They are the best of friends but can be worst of enemies (not often though thankfully). He loves his big brother too and is a big snuggler with all of us.   He does have a temper on him when he wants (thankfully we don't see that often).  Love this sweet boy!!

Then there is sweet little Dakota. Oh my that girl.

She is one of a kind and truly thinks she's the only girl in the house lol!  She is so charismatic and a diva and a drama queen and a sweet heart and a mix of tom boy all wrapped into one! 

She loves her dresses but loves her tennis shoes and boots too! She loves dancing and twirling and being all girly! She also loves singing!  I think this girl may like being a stage performer someday. She is not shy at all and loves attention!  She loves shopping and new clothes and has already been caught reading some junk catalog that had birthday supplies and she told me she was making her own birthday party. Princesses, horses, and mini mouse theme and wants to bake her own cake. She also informed me Dalton can have his own party.  Oh boy.  

She loves animals, especially horses and dogs. She wants to play soccer and do dance she says.  We shall see where her future leads her. She has that go getter attitude and knows exactly what she wants.  She also loves working out with me every day.  She is quite good at push ups, squats, planks, and sit ups along with some of my kicks and punches I do in my Les Mills Combat workouts. 

She is also very sweet and tells me I am her best friend. She loves her daddy and is a complete daddy's girl. She also loves her brothers but knows exactly how to work over the boys in the house.  All of them bend over backwards for her lol! 

Love this little sweet pea and her fun and unique personality!

I have to say that having 2 two year olds hasn't been as bad as what I first thought as I know how 2 year olds are. Maybe I have gotten used to having twins now. All I am hoping is that it doesn't mean that 3 years old won't be so bad.  We shall see! 

We are working on potty training although neither one has interest in it yet. Hopefully before they turn 3. 

That is about it for now.  I will try to at least post monthly updates from here on out!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Twin day Tuesday!

My mom and I took the twins to the Children's Museum for some much needed fun!  The weather has been so hit and miss lately it's been hard to get some outside time in.  Now that they are getting older they are requesting to get out of the house more every week!  I am liking the fact it's starting to get a little bit easier to take them on fun adventures!

They had a blast and were right in their element! I wish I would have taken them sooner, but we've been busy doing other things.

We hope to go back again soon!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

Hubby and I got our FIRST weekend away (4 nights) together since we had the twins! Oh how wonderful and much needed it was to hang out, reconnect and just unwind from life!   And Tyler actually got to enjoy it as opposed to last time he was 10 days post his motorcycle accident and busted leg making it one miserable trip for him.

We went to a few shows, saw the sites, did some shopping, lots of eating (not so healthy foods) and enjoyed a few cocktails and enjoyed the sunshine and warmer weather. We missed out on a huge and very rare snow storm here at home while Grandma and Grandpa were taking care of the kids along with my niece who was also in town from Australia.

Hoping we can do more getaways together at least once a year even if it's somewhere close by and just take some time out with each other.

And this is what was happening back at home! Luckily it all started to melt by the time we got back. Snow in Portland never lasts for too long.