Sunday, September 7, 2014

Is this YOU?

I am looking for 3 people who match one or more of the following:

-Have a minimum of 5-15 lbs to lose
- Struggle with nutrition and portion control
- Don't have any time to work out
- Don't know how to eat healthy
- Have tried EVERYTHING and nothing works.
- Need someone to keep them on track
- Sick and tired of being sick and tired
- Have a trip or event coming up ......
-Really just want to get healthy

Are you that person that just keeps saying "someday I will?" or "Right now is not the right time"…or "I have to check it over"…
Are you just someone who is flat out out of energy to even begin thinking about workouts and just need help getting started feeling better with making changes in your diet?

Yeah - heard that before. It's nothing more than a well planned lie to yourself. That's all. It's an excuse. I know because I was there myself. Sorry I am calling you out but I was called out and I am forever thankful! Listen the time is NOW. I am willing to work with you and be your biggest cheerleader… but I can't do the work for you. You have to commit and I will help you!

Spots are limited because I want to be able to focus on each challenger and their goals, so if you want info on this group, please send me a private message for more info. We start September 15th.

Friday, September 5, 2014

That's a wrap...

Summer 2014 is in the books! We've had lots of fun, lots of outside time enjoying our first summer in our new home and loving the quiet country life.  We've also had some fun outings and BBQ's with family and friends!

Although I am going to miss the warmer sunshine, the extra hours of daylight, tan lines, bleached out hair, tank tops and flip flops.  I am ready for Fall and all the Fall festivities we have to look forward to!

Bring on the "school" schedule, Soccer season, MOPS group, Church activities, pumpkin patches, leave piles, crisp autumn mornings, and yoga pants, ugg boots, and hoodies!!

See you again soon Summer!

Austin, 2nd grade

All about 2nd grade!

My teacher is: Miss Buttke

My best friend's name is: Ryan and Sophia

My favorite color is: Yellow

My favorite song is: Beachin'

My favorite tv show is: Ninja Turtles

My favorite movie: Heaven is for real

My favorite book is: Diary of a wimpy kid

My favorite sport is: Soccer

My favorite thing to play is: Freeze Tag

Something I really like is: Playing with rescue bots

Something I really don't like is: Spiders

When I grow up, I want to be a: Firefighter

If I could be granted one wish it would be: Going to Disneyland

A super power I wish I had is: Flying

My favorite thing about myself is: That I'm kind

One thing I'd like to do this year: Get a puppy

Austin had an awesome first day of 2nd grade! Although this was the first time I have seen him so shy upon starting school and shy being around other kids.  He only went to his new school 6 weeks before 1st grade ended so it was still kind of new to him and a whole new experience for him.  What amazed me though was how many kids said hello to him in the hallway as we were walking through the school to his class and that they knew his name. Obviously this little boy made a big impression on a lot of kids in those 6 short weeks!

I walked him to his class, got him situated and then walked him to his table where he gave me a big ole bear hug goodbye and a sheepish grin.   At least he isn't too cool for hugging me and also my never ending picture taking shenanigans.....yet anyway!

He made a new friend Mason who was new to the school and is continuing to make new friends with the other boys and girls in his class.

I can't believe how big this boy is and how much he has matured just from this past year.  My "baby" boy is growing up faster than I can blink! Sloooow down time, slow down!

Bring on 2nd grade, I cannot wait to see what GOD has in store for this boy this year!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Workout buddy

It's no secret that my daughter loves to workout with me all the time, but I got a nice little surprise the other day when this boy decided to join me! 

I usually have the twins, and occasionally my oldest in the garage with me while I do my workouts. The boys just watch me, and ask questions about what I am doing but then they continue on playing and riding their bikes in circles in the garage. Dakota jumps in and busts out some serious moves with me.

But Dalton came out grabbed my weights and started lifting them next to me and then showed me his side plank and plank and pushups and burpees.  "mommy I workout wif you!"   I just love this boy to pieces!

PARENTS!!!  Your kids are watching you and what you do..they will do the things you do. You are molding their innocent little minds, fill them with healthy things!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The struggle

I struggle, every single day I struggle.  Each day I strive to become better than I was yesterday. Each day I wake up and work on the one thing that I think needs most improvement.  From fitness to nutrition to being a better mom and wife to my relationship with God.  I fail a lot, but I pick myself up and try again. I don't always get it right. But that's ok, I am on this thing called my journey.  We won't always get it right, we will continuously struggle with something, things won't always go the way we want to, there will always be bumps in the road, we will always make mistakes. We aren't perfect, but no one is. We all have our faults. But the best thing we can do for ourselves is just keep pushing forward and be the best we can be each day. 

I know for me, a year ago from now...heck even 2.5 years ago from now (when I started this health journey) I couldn't have imagined being where I am today.    All the obstacles I have overcome and ones I am still working on but making progress on.     For me.....I am not always the best mom and wife.  But I do know that I have come a long way since I started focusing on bettering myself, not just with fitness and nutrition but diving into personal development and spending more time in God's word.  

Don't look forward to how far you have left to go, instead, look back and see how far  you have come.  Be proud of yourself for every step you have taken. Even when you fall, and you will. Even when  you have a few bad days or weeks, keep fighting and look forward.  It's a journey and it will always be a journey.  There will always be something to work on. Take it one day at a time. Keep going and keep pushing. Do NOT ever give up!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Apple picking

When we bought our new house this spring we had no idea how many fruit trees we actually had on our property!   We have quite a few different types of apple trees, a couple plum trees, cherry trees, grapes, strawberries, rhubarb and I think a very young pear tree.  So cool!   I have never had any of this before and I can't wait to get a garden up next year!

The boys went to my parents for the weekend so we could have some special one on one time with Dakota (she hasn't been feeling well) and it was a really nice treat.  So we took her out apple picking on our land!  She loved helping us pick through the good and the bad apples and putting them in the boxes.  

I can't wait to try my hand at making some applesauce and maybe some apple butter!   And this is just a little bit of what we have!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 day refresh

A little ice cream extra slice of pizza there...maybe a few extra pieces of chocolate..and before you know it, your jeans are too tight and you need a quick way to lose a few pounds and get back on track. Or maybe you're just finally ready to start a new weight loss program, and you want to jump into it with total commitment.


Check it out....I lost 4 lbs. And most people continue to lose after as they just continue to make healthier choices and cut cravings (I lost another pound as well). 3 Days is quick and easy!

I am getting ready to start up a new 3 day refresh group the day after Labor Day, Tuesday September 2nd.   I would love to have you join me!  Message me at or comment below with your email and I will get you more info!